Talks and Workshops

Arora is a Developer Relations and Community Consultant. They love hacking all types of tech together and encouraging inclusivity in the tech community. Their favourite colour is #b19cd9 and will put the ✨ emoji everywhere unless stopped.


Date Topic Event Slides/Video
10/05/18 Let's build a Progressive Web App Delta V Conference slides video
06/03/18 The Story of VR TechNightLondon slides
09/02/18 Inclusivity in tech panel Kingston LGBTQ month tweet
26/01/18 WebVR and how we can use it Goldsmiths Global Game Jam 2018 slides
08/12/17 Generative Stories & Twitter Bots Hacksmiths Workshop slides
30/11/17 Intro to WebVR AI Club for Gender Minorities! slides
25/11/17 Intimate WebVR (Workshop) Sex Tech Hack 2 slides
31/10/17 Spooky PWA Workshop JS Monthly slides video materials
28/10/17 Lets build a PWA (Workshop) Mozfest slides materials
18/10/17 VR Tranquilitie Smart Textiles Salon tweet
12/10/17 Spooky Scary WebVR Fusion Meetup slides
28/09/17 Destroying Social Norms in Tech Queer Code London slides
23/09/17 Intro to Making WebVR Games Workshop HackTheMiddlands slides
20/09/17 Let's build a PWA Samsung Web Tech Conf
16/09/17 Destroying Social Norms in Tech Hackcon slides
07/09/17 WebVR and how we can use it Code Club London slides
05/09/17 Let's Build a PWA: Potions, Spells and Tools PWA Meetup slides
22/08/17 WebVR: Connecting people, pandas and you JS Monthly slides video
19/08/17 What is WebVR? How can I use it? Queer Code London slides
06/08/17 Destroying Social Norms in Tech Nineworlds slides
29/07/17 Opening/Closing Talks Non Binary in Tech
05/07/17 How is WebVR Currently Used WebXR Paris slides
26/06/17 Making WebVR Games CodeBar slides
22/02/17 Generative Stories & Twitter Bots Hacksmiths slides